Improve Focus and Attention With Revibe Connect

Revibe Connect is a wearable device and companion app that sends vibration reminders to cue children to focus in the moments when they need it most.

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A Nondrug Option That Helps Kids Struggling With Focus and Attention

Improve Focus and Attention

Revibe Connect sends vibration reminders to help your child improve focus, get back on task, and build self-awareness. Paired with the app, vibration and text reminders can be customized to your child’s individual schedule, helping to improve mental planning and self-monitoring throughout the day.

Vibrations cue your child to think, “Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?” If they’re on task, they can tap “yes” and keep up the good work. If not, the vibration will prompt them to refocus.


Revibe Connect learns your child’s individual needs and behavior patterns and creates a program personalized just for them.

Patented algorithms vary the vibrations so that children do not become desensitized and miss the signals.

Revibe customizes vibrations for different classes, with a specialized mode just for homework.

Proven Results, Backed by Science

Our research studies showed that children who used Revibe Connect had significant improvements in attention span and focus.¹

These improvements started as soon as the children began wearing their Revibe Connect devices, and continued for the entire 3-month study. The studies also showed that there were no side effects from using Revibe Connect.²

Teachers that took part in these studies reported a significant increase in their students’ attention and focus, and said that they would recommend Revibe to other educators.²

Data Collection

Data are collected through sensors built into the watch and through active engagements (tap-backs). Active engagement helps children to become more aware of their own behavior and promotes independence and self-confidence.

Using artificial intelligence technology, Revibe Connect tracks attention span, fidgeting, steps, and calories burned, and uses these data to provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly reports on your child’s progress.

Insights and Rewards

Data analysis through the app provides parents with detailed, actionable insights into behavior.

Your child’s progress is rewarded with fun animations, graphics, and trophies.

Customized PDF School Reports can be emailed to teachers, clinicians, and others, and can help track progress.

Revibe Connect has shown proven results in the school setting.

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Real Customers. Real Results.

It actually works!

“Y’all, I was worried, but this actually really works. And, it connects to an app on my phone that tells me how well she’s focusing, how often she’s fidgeting, and it has a step counter. It even tells me what parts of her day she’s excelling and struggling with. Last year it was very hard for her teacher to manage her. This year, she’s doing great and getting a sticker every day!”

– Casey Y.

Helpful to keep children on-task

“Other brands do not offer anything that comes close to Revibe, which is so specifically tailored for inattentive children. Hands down, this is the only option to keep my daughter on track at school. Her teacher even said in week one, ‘Hey! I was about to tell you to focus on your paper but I saw you tap your watch and get to it before I even had a chance to say anything!’ If that doesn’t speak volumes, nothing will. Pretty darn cool!”

– Melissa S.

A huge game-changer

“My son’s behavior has drastically changed for the better. Revibe allows him to keep himself accountable and redirect himself before a teacher has to. It’s empowered him to do better in school. I also love being able to slip in notes of encouragement to him throughout the day with Revibe’s ‘text reminders’!”

– Sapphire B.

Hear From Parents, Doctors, and Kids Who Love Their Revibe Connect