Elementary School Principal Uses RE-vibe to Increase Productivity in Students & Teachers

by Madeline Coven June 01, 2017

Elementary School Principal Uses RE-vibe to Increase Productivity in Students & Teachers



JENNA (PRINCIPAL): A parent recommended the RE-vibe to me for her daughter, who is in my reading group.  Her daughter was struggling with attention and seeing some detrimental effects in her reading, due to her inability to stay attentive.  

We ordered the RE-vibe, and it was a quick and easy setup. The student and I liked the immediate feedback she got, and reminders she got throughout her lesson without me telling her, get back on task, let’s focus.  

As time went on, we tracked her productivity.  She started at 44% of the time being on task, and after a few weeks using the RE-vibe, was able to increase her productivity to 65%.

That afternoon, my son tried it out who is in fifth grade, and what would normally take him 30 minutes to do in his homework with lots of reminders took him 6 minutes to do it without support, which he and I both loved.  

We purchased a RE-vibe for the whole school.  All of the kids wanted to wear the RE-vibe for different reasons.  I have one student who wears a RE-vibe for positive self-talk.  I have a student who wears it and checks in with herself if she’s doing what she’s supposed to be doing at the time.  They share that throughout the day and wear it when they know they are going to have a hard time focusing.  

My teachers wear it to give pacing through their lessons, to remind them to give out reinforcement throughout the day.  I have been in education for 20 years, I’m a special education teacher, and a principal, and a mom, and I was a little bit skeptical of the RE-vibe when I first saw it.  However, with the experiences that I’ve had, both with the RE-vibe and with the family, I am especially grateful to have this tool available to us.

Madeline Coven
Madeline Coven

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