Revibe Connect

Designed to help improve focus and attention.

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Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect
Revibe Connect

Revibe Connect

Designed to help improve focus and attention.

Or 4 Interest-Free Payments with Sezzle. Sale Save

  • Proven results, backed by science
  • 90-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free shipping

Revibe Connect is a wearable device and companion app that sends vibration reminders to cue children to focus in the moments when they need it most. It learns over time and adapts to provide personalized prompts. Artificial intelligence continually analyzes the child’s movements, behavior, and focus to provide daily, weekly, and monthly reports and actionable insights to parents, teachers, and clinicians.

Your purchase includes:
1 Revibe Connect
1 Charger
1 Wristband
1st Month or Year of Membership*

Wristband Size Small
Wristband Color Black
Membership Monthly Membership

$19/month or $199/year

(Initial month or year included with your purchase*)

Membership Benefits:
- Access data and insights on the Revibe Connect app for iOS/Android
- Personalized vibrations and text reminders
- FREE repair/replacement warranty if device is damaged and $44.95 replacement if lost

* After the initial month or year, membership will auto-renew at $19/month or $199/year.
The Revibe Connect is not functional without a membership.

Proven to Increase Focus and Attention
Studies showed immediate, sustained, and significant improvements in attention and focus.¹

Personalized to Your Child
You can enter customized schedules and text reminders in the app. Plus, Revibe Connect learns over time and adapts to provide personalized prompts.

A Nondrug Option That Parents and Kids Can Feel Good About
This wearable is a nondrug option that gives kids struggling with attention and focus challenges another tool in their tool box to help them succeed.

Valuable Feedback
Revibe Connect collects user data throughout the day so that you can review it with your child and create a plan of action to help their focus. The app can show you response rate, focus rate, attention span, fidget minutes, calories, and steps, presented in tables and graphs to easily highlight problem areas or improvement!

Teaches Independence and Good Habits
Instead of a teacher having to tap your child on the shoulder to get back on task, Revibe takes care of it! With a few discreet vibrations, your child can ask themselves, “Am I on task right now?” If so, great! If not, the vibration will remind them to redirect their focus. Soon your child will be taking responsibility for their own focus and attention and build better habits for the future.

- Small fits wrists measuring 10-18 cm in circumference
- Regular fits wrists measuring 14-22 cm in circumference

We recommend measuring the wrist with a measuring tape (or use a string, then measure the string with a ruler).

90-Day Return Policy, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Free shipping (in US only).
Most orders ship next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days.

Hear From Parents, Doctors, and Kids Who Love Their Revibe Connect

Real Customers. Real Results.

It actually works!

“Y’all, I was worried, but this actually really works. And, it connects to an app on my phone that tells me how well she’s focusing, how often she’s fidgeting, and it has a step counter. It even tells me what parts of her day she’s excelling and struggling with. Last year it was very hard for her teacher to manage her. This year, she’s doing great and getting a sticker every day!”

– Casey Y.

Helpful to keep children on-task

“Other brands do not offer anything that comes close to Revibe, which is so specifically tailored for inattentive children. Hands down, this is the only option to keep my daughter on track at school. Her teacher even said in week one, ‘Hey! I was about to tell you to focus on your paper but I saw you tap your watch and get to it before I even had a chance to say anything!’ If that doesn’t speak volumes, nothing will. Pretty darn cool!”

– Melissa S.

A huge game-changer

“My son’s behavior has drastically changed for the better. Revibe allows him to keep himself accountable and redirect himself before a teacher has to. It’s empowered him to do better in school. I also love being able to slip in notes of encouragement to him throughout the day with Revibe’s ‘text reminders’!”

– Sapphire B.

A Nondrug Option That Helps Kids Struggling With Focus and Attention

Improve Focus and Attention

Revibe Connect sends vibration reminders to help your child improve focus, get back on task, and build self-awareness. Paired with the app, vibration and text reminders can be customized to your child’s individual schedule, helping to improve mental planning and self-monitoring throughout the day.

Vibrations cue your child to think, “Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?” If they’re on task, they can tap “yes” and keep up the good work. If not, the vibration will prompt them to refocus.


Revibe Connect learns your child’s individual needs and behavior patterns and creates a program personalized just for them.

Patented algorithms vary the vibrations so that children do not become desensitized and miss
the signals.

Revibe customizes vibrations for different classes, with a specialized mode just for homework.

Proven Results, Backed by Science

Our research studies showed that children who used Revibe Connect had significant improvements in attention span and focus.¹

These improvements started as soon as the children began wearing their Revibe Connect devices, and continued for the entire 3-month study. The studies also showed that there were no side effects from using Revibe Connect.²

Teachers that took part in these studies reported a significant increase in their students’ attention and focus, and said that they would recommend Revibe to other educators.²

Data Collection

Data are collected through sensors built into the watch and through active engagements (tap-backs). Active engagement helps children to become more aware of their own behavior and promotes independence and self-confidence.

Using artificial intelligence technology, Revibe Connect tracks attention span, fidgeting, steps, and calories burned, and uses these data to provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly reports on your child’s progress.

Insights and Rewards

Data analysis through the app provides parents with detailed, actionable insights into behavior.

Your child’s progress is rewarded with fun animations, graphics, and trophies.

Customized PDF School Reports can be emailed to teachers, clinicians, and others, and can help track progress.

Revibe Connect has shown proven results in the school setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Device Questions

Revibe Connect sends silent vibrations to the wrists of users to gently remind them to get back to their work, studies, etc.

When users feel a vibration on their wrist, they are to ask themselves: “Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?” If they are on task, they keep up the good work! If not, the vibration triggers them to get back to the task at hand.

The ultimate goal is to foster independence by increasing metacognition (the act of thinking about one’s own thoughts).

Small fits wrists measuring 10 to 18 cm in circumference. Regular fits 14 to 22 cm. We recommend measuring the wrist with a measuring tape (or use a string, then measure the string with a ruler).

Yes! Tap the device’s screen once to display the time. There is a setting in the app where you can disable time display if you are concerned that it will be a distraction.

Revibe Connect is fresh-water resistant, not waterproof. Everyday splashes from activities like hand-washing are okay, but please don’t submerge the device in liquid by bathing or swimming with it on.

We recommend charging each day. The Revibe Connect battery lasts for between 8 and 16 hours of continuous use depending on the activity level of the user. Actions such as receiving an extensive number of text reminders or using Revibe Connect for extended periods in high mode will drain the battery more quickly. A full charge takes about 2 hours.

Yes, the Revibe Connect wearable requires the Revibe Connect app in order to work. The app is available for download in the App Store and the Google Play Store. The minimum operating systems for download are Android 6 and iOS 11, so if your smartphone or tablet is unable to operate using these minimum operating systems, the Revive Connect app will not function properly.

No, the device will only need to connect to the app when syncing at the beginning or end of the day. Revibe Connect syncs with the app on a mobile device using Bluetooth connectivity and does not connect to Wi-Fi or to cellular data on its own. Revibe Connect cannot send or receive SMS messages. All text reminders must be pre-programmed into Revibe Connect in order for them to appear at their scheduled times. If your Revibe Connect is not within range of the app to sync, you will be unable to do so.

We’ve developed five “Modes,” which determine the frequency of vibration reminders.

“Adaptive Mode” learns the user’s unique focus needs, adjusting the vibration reminders as needed. The user responds to Revibe Connect’s vibration reminders by tapping the device’s screen once if they were off task or twice if on task. These user responses help Revibe Connect’s machine learning algorithm to adapt the vibration reminders over time.

The other four Modes are pre-programmed using research-based tables to cover various levels of difficulty staying on task:

  1. Low (mildly off task; occasionally daydreams): Reminders about every 10 minutes
  2. Moderate (moderately off task; often daydreams): Reminders about every 7 minutes
  3. High (significantly off task; constantly daydreams): Reminders about every 4 minutes
  4. Homework (for all focus levels): Alternating intervals of 15 minutes’ work time (with reminders about every 3 minutes) and 5 minutes’ break time
  • Response Rate: The percentage of time the user responded to Revibe’s “vibration reminder” prompts
  • Focus Rate: The percentage of time the user was on-task, calculated through user self-report data recorded by Revibe Connect
  • Attention Span: The highest estimated average number of consecutive minutes the user was able to pay attention, calculated through user self- report data recorded by Revibe Connect
  • Fidget Minutes: The total minutes of common, repetitive, nonfunctional (eg, not part of an academic activity) behaviors by the user, such as tapping a pencil or rocking in a chair. Sitting still, hand raising, writing, and walking are not counted as fidgets. Calculated through device sensor data recorded by Revibe Connect
  • Steps: The total number of steps taken by the user, calculated through device sensor data recorded by Revibe Connect
  • Calories: The total number of calories estimated to have been burned by the user. Make sure you have entered the user’s height, weight, and age for this metric to be as accurate as possible. Calculated through device sensor data recorded by Revibe Connect

All of the data collected by Revibe Connect will appear on the dashboard in the app after syncing. Remember, a full sync will upload all of the data, a quick sync will sync everything but fidget data.

Using Revibe Connect at School

Revibe Connect’s vibration motors were designed to be whisper-quiet for classroom use.

Despite being very high-tech, Revibe Connect is not a “smart device,” meaning it does not connect to Wi-Fi or receive/send any live messages or calls. As such, it may be eligible for various standardized testing sessions. However, each school is different, so you’ll have to check with your school to be sure. Please feel free to use our Intro for Teachers document to explain Revibe Connect’s use and benefit in the classroom. If teachers or other administrators have any further questions about the device, please have them contact

You may log in to through your computer browser in order to make changes to the user settings, schedule, and solely view the focus data. Syncing the device to the user account can only be done through the Revibe Connect app on your Android or IOS device. Any change made to the user account through the computer will need to sync through the app before they take effect.

You can share the user’s data by either using the Share Data feature in the app (go to Settings>Data Sharing and select “View Only Access”), sending app screenshots, or sharing PDF reports that can be generated by going to the Reports page in the app. If you have only one user on an account, you can share the email and password with others so they can log into the app from their smartphone as well.

Yes! For more information, please contact

We are an approved vendor at It is free for teachers to create a project, and donors can provide funds to cover the cost of Revibe devices for your classroom. We have had teachers get matching funds from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation! Pretty cool!


Yes! We want you to be happy with your purchase, so we offer a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Yes! We offer FREE warranty repair or replacement of damaged devices and a $44.95 warranty replacement of lost or stolen devices for all members.

Although we do offer free shipping on all placed orders, we are unable to provide shipping labels for returns.

We take privacy seriously, which is why all of the data that we collect are stored on servers that follow HIPAA guidelines. Please see our Revibe App and Online Platform Privacy Policy for more details.

Getting Started

Very easy! All you have to do is download the Revibe Connect app from the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the in-app Setup Wizard (tells you what to do step by step).

You can turn Revibe Connect on by simply putting it on (the user’s natural movement will wake it up) and turn it off by taking it off and placing it in a quiet place (it will fall asleep within 20 minutes). Additionally, you can manually turn off Revibe Connect in the app under Settings>Preferences>User Device Preferences>Mode>Off.

If you are concerned that the intensity of the vibration is either too strong or not strong enough, you can adjust the setting in the app under Settings>Preferences>User Device Preferences>Vibration Strength.

We recommend that Revibe Connect be worn on the user’s dominant hand.

After every full charge and at least once a day, make sure to sync your Revibe Connect. If you go too long without syncing your Revibe Connect, it may begin to override data that have been collected in order to make room for new data. You should also sync regularly to make sure any updates are programmed to your Revibe Connect and to make sure that the time and date are accurate, as syncing ensures the correct time and date. If your Revibe Connect time is off, all you need to do is sync. Your Revibe Connect will automatically set the date and time from your phone.

You can access the User Manual here.